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IILC (institute industry inter linkage center)

IIITBM has established Institute Industry Inter-linkage Centre. The Centre is functional & has following objectives-

  • Skill Development at all levels, including up-gradation.
  • Offering technical & management course/ curriculum to suit Industries need.
  • To play role in enhancing employability.
  • Developing coordination between Institute & Industry.
  • Upgrading Industrial manpower.
  • Utilization of expertise for mutual benefits.

Institute of Industry Integrated Technology & Business Management Programme is most contemporary noble concept derived by Institute of Industry Integrated Technology & Business Management to integrate the Component of Industry in education. IIITBM Education is just not a formality of giving industry exposure to students; rather it is a full-fledged industry experience to students with their studies. IIITBM education enables student to obtain the basic and all functional knowledge of the industry in which they wished to work.

Study incapable of providing suitable employment and knowledge is fruitless. The present Indian educational system rarely contains industry component in it like in other developed countries. The purposive of every education is to obtain factual knowledge and employment. In this competitive environment the difference between education and industry is widening day-by-day. This leads difficulty in adjustment of young alumnus in industry. Sometime it took lot of time even many years to transform them in through professionals. In the absence of proper guidance many students distract from the correct way to proceed with their career, and choose different profession from their qualification, and this yields wastage of significant number of years of their life. This can be termed as education to profession dropout.

For an example as we are struggling with the deficiency of engineering professionals despite of having thousands of engineering colleges in the country. Why? Due to directionless efforts of present education system most o the young engineering alumnus shifts themselves to some other industry, unwillingly. As earlier explained this phenomenon is education to profession dropout. The reasons may be many, like lack of direction for a proper star, dissatisfaction from industry, understanding of work etc. Only 5% of the engineers leave the field because of genuine grounds. Remaining 95% leaves the filed because of the reasons, like they do not know how to start or they do not know how to adjust in industry or they do not have basic understanding to work in industry. Every year at least 50% of the engineering graduates leave the field, i.e. the education to profession dropout of engineering filed is more then 50%. This loss is in addition to the manual hrs wasted to educate them for their precious 4 to 6 years. Some of them choose less skilled jobs. This process can also be observed in other professions as well, where the industry interaction is negligible.

On contrary in field of Medicines this education to profession dropout ratio is not more than 5% why? Just because of the real time training with studies. All medical students are required to attend practicals, compulsory internship within their study curriculum. This industry exposure is quite similar to the futuristic circumstances which they require to face, when they will work as an independent professional. Also, they got ample opportunities to work under highly specialized senior professionals. The result itself shows the success story of this education model. Conclusively, we are 95% sure that the medical graduate passing out will work as a medical professional, in compare to 50% surety of an engineering graduate to become an engineering professional.

IIITBM education is an effort to make all educational models of country at par with the model which is being implemented in the field of medicine. This education will be delivered to students with real industry working experience. This serve dual purpose; they will obtain precious work experience in addition to the academic knowledge. Conclusively, IIITBM education is only tool which can cater the demand of modern time. Concept of Educational Programmes for working Professional Candidate working in government/Private Organizations may apply for IIITBM educational Programme. Such candidate is required to do the following: Candidate will be required to take written permission from their respective department to take admission through lateral entry scheme in any programme and also for appearing in Institute examination.

Candidate will be responsible for providing details about their attendance to their respective department/organization. Candidate is required to attend minimum of 70% of working, training & internship classes at their concerned Industry/Institute. In case of failing to do so, the candidate will be required to take leave from their department to successfully complete remaining classes and then they will be eligible for appearing in Institute Examinations. Candidate may even provide a working or training & internship certificate of minimum 1250 hours from their respective department/institute, if their organization permits. Classes are also available on Saturday, Sundays, Holidays in the evening and also through video/web conferencing Programs offered through IIITBM Model (Lateral Entry)