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Institute of Industry Integrated Technology & business management (IIITBM) is the mentor organization for working people who are contributing themselves in the field of management & technology professions. To improve and establish the standard of management and technology profession. IIITBM is both a nationally and internationally acclaimed Research Institution.

IIITBM offer different specialization programmers for various management & technology disciplines. IIITBM conduct the examinations in various management & technology disciplines twice a year for those who for various reasons could not fulfill their ambition to become Degree or Diploma-holder but had to take up employment at lower level. They want to upgrade their educational qualification and improve their employment status. IIITBM launched study scheme that is RPAL, IBLP, ECS, CDL, and CBIP for working and experienced candidate.

IIITBM was incorporated by Govt. of India under management & technical society act; formerly, IIITBM has been empowered to issue membership certificates to its members who fulfill the membership criteria. Our student chapters are spread in all most all parts of the Country. IIITBM have also overseas student chapters.

Govt. of India (Department of Technical & Higher Education) Ministry of Human Resource Development has recognized membership program known as DIPIIITBM/DMIIITBM/TMIIITBM-Equivalent to Diploma Engineering as IIITBM-Equivalent to B-Tech.

IIITBM have tripartite relation with engineering professional Societies/Institutions/Universities in the country as well as around the world. IIITBM play vital role in the field of engineering across the global destinations. IIITBM encourage institutes, Colleges, Individuals, Industries and organizations including Govt. /Non Government/ PSU/Private sectors to become the institutional members of IIITBM.

This Institution functions amongst the Engineers, Academicians and Research Workers and provides a vast array of technical, professional and support services to the, Industries, Academic Engineering and management community. IIITBM has a range of courses that can help you to conquer your limitations of time and location. Whether you need to update your skills in your existing job or you desire to enter a new industry, our courses are designed to deliver the knowledge you need. This knowledge comes to you at your own need, your own time, your own convenience and your own pace-And all this with that touch of traditional teaching methodologies.

IIITBM aim to be an outstanding Institution in India. IIITBM concentrate on helping students achieve their potential, and place great importance on combining enduring human values with true professionalism. We make it clear from the beginning that we have high expectations of our students and staff, and we will offer you every support to achieve that goal. IIITBM enjoys a national reputation as a very friendly place at which people are genuinely happy and feel that they can make a meaningful contribution.

With a strong student base across several campuses, IIITBM will offer a range of service facilities on a local, regional, national and international basis and will introduce a new academic model

IIITBM is the India’s leading business-facing Institution and creating an example in Every Sectors. Today our Institution has expanded across the globe. Our collaborations range from overseas partnerships including those in Singapore, UAE, Malaysia, and Africa Etc.